Strategic Financial Advice

PLCF’s financial strategy consulting services are addressed to companies that are looking for new development directions and/or need to verify and enhance their performance using the available resources.

Our expertise and business experience help us create effective multifaceted solutions for our clients to optimise the value of their business in the long term.

In particular we:

  • identify the possibility of creating additional value for the company through new market entries, sales boost, profitability improvement, brand strengthening and achievement of business stability;
  • optimise the main areas of the company’s activity (finance, sales & marketing, operational costs, working capital, organisational structure);
  • streamline business processes;
  • identify and assess the possibility of creating joint ventures with business partners;
  • support the post-merger/post-acquisition integration (support change management and maximise the value arising from the completed transaction with minimised risks);
  • develop an investment or business venture exit strategy;
  • implement changes after the sale of a part of an enterprise, to avoid disruptions in the basic operation of the business.

Over the years, as part of our strategy consulting services, we have developed numerous long-term relations with company owners and managerial staff by supplying customised business solutions and supporting and monitoring their implementation. Our business dealings with our clients are often long-term, while we support them through the corporate governance process.

Every project is preceded with a thorough analysis of the company’s current situation and of its competitive and market environment. We study the key business processes and analyse the company’s development activities to date, as well as the attempts made to improve its operational performance.

This helps us define the possibilities for growing the business using a selected strategy. We quantify the proposed solutions by drafting long-term performance forecasts, building financial models and estimating the additional value created. Such projects very often involve preparing various development scenarios based on which we help our client make the best business decisions and choose the most optimum growth options, taking into account both the rate of return and the acceptable risk level.

Where necessary, we help the company implement the defined strategy and deploy specific solutions through introduction of appropriate managerial control methods and participation in Supervisory Board operations.