Arrangement of Funding

As a company grows, it needs more capital to finance its activities. Implementation of a company’s development strategy requires the owners to decide how to shape the structure of the capital employed. The decisions are made based on numerous factors, such as capital availability and cost and the possibility of efficient use of the capital. Optimum solutions are sought to translate an increase in the capital employed into long-term maximisation of business value.

We help our clients obtain the capital required to finance the development of their company, its growing needs in the area of working capital, its investment projects, M&A projects, ownership transformations and restructuring. We advise companies on specific projects and over longer time horizons by identifying their capital-related needs at various stages of development, as well as preparing and implementing long-term financing strategies to create additional business value for the owners.

We create financial models by analysing various scenarios in search of optimum financing variants, taking into account the changing market conditions and the assumptions regarding the company’s operations. We prepare the materials and documents for financial institutions and we participate in negotiations concerning the terms of the financing.

In particular, our services include consultancy in the following areas:

Company development financing

Implementation of business development plans – whether through organic expansion, investment, acquisition of new technologies or other strategic initiatives – is connected with the process of seeking new sources of capital.

We assist our clients in obtaining capital from strategic and financial investors (Private Equity funds) and we arrange the process of obtaining debt financing. In our approach to projects connected with access to new sources of capital, we always strive to achieve an optimum debt/equity ratio. Our services include comprehensive preparatory analyses, forecasts of financial results, measurement of shares, preparation of transaction documentation and participation in negotiations related to the terms of the financing.

Financing of capital transactions

In most cases, companies making capital investments are unable to finance the transaction on their own and thus need to obtain appropriate financing.

For such projects, our assistance starts as early as the transaction structuring stage, where we analyse the available options, sources and costs of obtaining new equity or debt financing vis-à-vis the profitability of the whole investment project. Depending on the needs of our clients, we prepare solutions to provide them with sufficient capital not only to purchase a business but also to grow it. At the same time, we also make sure to secure the company against loss of its operational and financial flexibility after the acquisition, essential for the implementation of its long-term strategic objectives.

Financial restructuring

Optimisation of capital structure is one of the restructuring options to increase the market value of a business. We advise management boards in their search for an optimum balance between debt and generated profit and equity, to minimise the cost of the invested capital and maximise the value of the company.