Corporate Governance

Corporate governance services are addressed to groups of companies and to company owners who are not involved full time in day-to-day business management. Such situations require effective cooperation between the management board and the owners, and effective supervision and control systems to improve the quality of management and guarantee the attainment of the primary goal of shareholders – maximisation of business value.

Corporate governance services are very often complementary to our remaining consultancy services – we work for our clients after an acquisition, during the period of integration, restructuring or as a long-term strategy advisor.

We support our clients by serving on their Supervisory Boards and Audit Committees, providing an effective and transparent corporate governance system and protecting the interests of the shareholders.

We organise and manage Supervisory Board operations, prepare and distribute comprehensive high-quality materials and analyses regarding the company’s current operations. We also act in an advisory capacity on Supervisory Boards by drafting opinions on projects and supporting the owners in key decisions.

Access to continuous and credible management information is crucial for company owners, which is why we always evaluate the existing processes from this perspective and, where necessary, define and propose changes and then follow up on their implementation. We attach particular importance to streamlining the control systems put in place to ensure the reliability and transparency of financial information.

We regularly monitor the company’s activities, analysing its financial results and key parameters (sales, profitability of particular product ranges, level of overheads, financial liquidity and working capital management efficiency). This allows us to promptly identify any potential problems and threats. We present the conclusions from the analyses to the owners, along with the proposed actions to be taken.

In our assessments of the company’s activities in the context of implementing its strategic plans, we make sure to secure the interests of the shareholders to the maximum. We monitor the management board operations to verify if key decisions are consistent with the policy and objectives set by the company owners. As we work with our clients in the long term, we are highly familiar with their business and thus capable of promptly identifying any profit maximisation chances and opportunities.

We take part in evaluating the activities of the management board and preparing incentive plans, and we provide advice in the processes of appointing and dismissing board members and the company’s key management.